Karpet Taper

With its innovative design and durable construction, the Karpet Taper takes the hands-and-knees out of taping down carpet and saves time in the process.

Using the same roller system as the Kord and Top Tapers, combined with a purpose-built shoe, the Karpet Taper allows the operator to apply double-face tape to carpet seams in one streamlined operation while remaining upright. With the attachment of the second-roll adapter, sold separately, a second tape can be applied simultaneously, further improving efficiency.


Qty. DF-2C (2" width) DF-3C (3" width)
1-5 266.52 289.62
6-15 239.86 260.65
16-50 226.53 246.17
51+ Call Call

Second Roll Adapter Pricing

Qty. for DF-2C for DF-3C
1-5 43.31 51.43
6-15 38.97 48.59
16-50 36.81 45.88
51+ Call Call

Demo Video (2.2MB, requires QuickTime player)

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